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Though multi-threading is a common sales concept, it's HUGELY applicable to CS and your relationship with customers.  But why has this practice become essential? Learn more about multi-threading from LucidChart.

This week 'Nuffsaid kicked off a new podcast series of quick, 5 minutes episodes from different CS leaders (shameless self promotion b/c I did an episode).

Episodes can be found here.
Short and sweet advice from Sydney Strader of Catalyst on how to ensure that you get every renewal possible.

Event analytics can be an incredibly valuable tool for CS when it comes to measuring customer's engagement, triggering outreach, etc.  Crystal Widjaja of Reforge has seen a lot of failures in this area and gives us a step by step process to fix the root causes of most event analytics mistakes

In Other News:  If you love paper and pen, but still want digital notes, check out the ReMarkable.