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This week we talk about trends in CS, heed a warning about benchmarking, wrap up our pre-onboarding series, and fix NPS.
Nick Mehta of Gainsight sees the move to “outside in” Customer Success as one of the biggest trends in the industry. Instead of only focusing on internal metrics (churn, retention, NPS, etc.), the most sophisticated companies are looking from the outside in, starting with the customer’s experience and desired outcomes and working backward. 
How can you tell if your doing well on retention?  Benchmarks are often the litmus people use to identify where they stand.  Remen Okoruwa of StatusQuota warns us that benchmarks can be dangerous if misused, and comparing yourself to the wrong competitors can lead you to make the wrong strategic decisions. 

With parts one and two covered in previous weeks, we wrap up Sam Feil of ClientSuccess's series on pre-onboarding best practices.

Is NPS a good metric for Success?  Sajad Ghanizada of Heap Analytics thinks it doesn't provide enough insight in it's current form, but has some suggestions for how to improve it.

In Other News:  Seems like Tidal wants everyone to think Beyonce and Kanye albums are a little more popular than they are.
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