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This week we make one-to-many feel genuine, learn how to discount properly, climb to a billion dollar run rate, and go inside CS at
One of the hallmarks of Customer Success is the relationships you get to build with your customers, and that's the reason why the value of one-to-one communication is incomparable.  But what do you do when scale necessitates a one-to-many strategy?  Elakkiya Sivakumaran (via Userlane) combines knowledge from multiple experts on how to bridge the two.

Discounting is a slippery slope in CS, and one that many teams fall to.  For the company, bad customer discounts create a massive headache. Done poorly, they reduce customer lifetime value, increase churn, and distract team. Learn from Remen Okoruwa of StatusQuota on how to use discounts to increase value.

Tien Tzuo of Zuora takes us through his company's SaaS journey and on how to build a billion dollar run rate.

Sam Feil of ClientSuccess brings us into the trenches with Rachel McElwain to find out what a day looks like for Customer Success at

In Other News:  IHOP hints that it's changing it's name to IHOb.  What does the b stand for?
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