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The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.
This week we analyze cohorts, see CS in non-tech, find a framework for B2B onboarding, and align Sales and CS
It’s no good acquiring customers if they only stick around for a month or two. Cohort retention analysis is vital to understanding if you are improving or not. Here are some tips from Des Traynor of Intercom to get started.

Whether it's Monsanto purchasing Climate Corporation, Caterpillar buying Yard Club, or Walmart gobbling up, decades-old enterprises are looking to reinvent themselves by getting into the cloud world.  Nick Mehta of Gainsight has seen 6 ways that CS is popping up in non-tech companies.
If your customer has a poor onboarding experience, they are likely to churn in the first 30-90 days.  Learn how to build an effective customer onboarding framework from Nilesh Surana of CustomerSuccessBox.

Cliff Cate of ToutApp tells us that Sales + Customer Success Management = Customer Happiness & Increased Revenue

In Other News:  Tesla hit it's goal of producing 5,000 model 3 cars a week, but can they maintain that level?
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