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The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.
This week we see how CS is investing in 2019, fight churn monsters, use checklists for onboarding, and try to avoid leaky buckets.
Erika Childers of UserIQ asked experts in the field how and where they see leading SaaS companies investing their customer success resources to meet changing customer needs.

ChurnZero has created a comprehensive guide to combating 12 different churn "monsters" (personas) we are all too familiar with.

Proper user onboarding is key to reducing churn and linking customer expectations to reality.  Margaret Kelsey Tatkow of Appcues (via Churn Buster) dives into checklist-based customer onboarding and some examples of products using it to fight churn.

“I think a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies".  Larry Levine talks through the business and sales impact of having retention issues.

In Other News:  What is it like to constantly moderate the type of content that violates Facebook's standards?
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