The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.
This week we ask why acquisition is usually put first, lower our touches, try to stop getting ignored, and see what Y Combinator has to say about churn.
The benefits of solid customer retention are too good to ignore, yet most SaaS companies still focus on customer acquisition. But which is more important?  Rachael Pilcher of Lighter Capital tackles this question that is always in the back of the mind of CS

As SaaS continues to mature, many companies find that their unit economics don't allow for a traditional 1:1 CS engagement model.  Phil O'Doherty of Keep | Grow has considerations and 10 steps to implement a low touch model in your customer success team.

“Why won’t they respond?”. You’re scratching your head as you try to understand why a customer has ghosted you.  Chad Horenfeldt of Updater (via The Success League) wants to help us re-engage and ghostbust those lost customers.

Ben Johnson of Proof (via Churn Buster) gives us the inside scoop on Proof's experience with YC combinator and what they learned about churn.

In Other News:  James Holzhauer's epic jeopardy run came to an end.