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The concept of self-serve or low-touch has been a popular topic in the customer success community for a while. Typically Phil O'Doherty of Keep | Grow sees a team use this model when they're trying to address two challenges: keeping cost of service low with low ASP or LTV, or scaling CS to deal with thousands of customers.
Jason Whitehead of Tri Tuns borrows a page from food labels to help create better customer facing metrics that help drive adoption and value.

LTV, NRR, CHS.  With so many acronyms swirling around, Abby Hammer of ChurnZero explains the top 4 metrics Chief Customer Officers focus on, and what they mean for your business.

Mia Jacobs of Totango has three strategies to make renewals easier, even in the current economic environment.

In Other News:  A small town decided that printing their own money would help them weather the pandemic best.