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CS professionals know that a client’s handoff from sales is a critical point of the customer journey. The stakes are high: this transition can make or break your customer relationships, well before they’ve begun using your product.  Alex Weihmann of ChurnZero (via Chartmogul) directs us on how to design this critical process.

Darren Chait of Hugo believes that tech-touch CS doesn't have to be reactive or low volume, and gives examples of how they have enabled their CSMs to leverage scalable strategies.
Software companies are prone to trends just like every other industry, and lately, “product-led growth” has been a buzzword.  Erica Ayotte of Privy and Dan Bonnet of UserIQ weigh in on their perspective of how CS is different in a product led company.

This article is not for the faint of heart (i.e. it gets very technical) as Florian Tausend of dives into how they created their predictive churn model.
In Other News:  You may have been to a drive in movie showing, but have you been to a Fortnite movie showing?