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Since we don't always have the luxury of onboarding every customer by hand, Philipp Wolf of Custify has given us an incredibly detailed breakdown of Shopify’s fantastic email onboarding process.

You won't find many folks in Customer Success that disagree with Kareem Mayan of Savio on whether CS should own more of the roadmap.  He gathers feedback from 17 CS Leaders share how they influence their product.

Ross Drury has found that some of the most well known theoretical principles (hello 80/20 rule) and laws apply very nicely to the world of Customer Success.

If your company is early to Customer Success, have you thought through the different stages a customer goes through when they purchase your product?  Marta Atencia of Froged goes over the basics of a customer funnel and how it can help organize your nascent strategy.

In Other News:  Remember The Far Side?  Well good 'ol Gary Larsen is back at it.