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It's too easy to only view a problem or topic from our own point of view.  But true collaboration in business really comes when we take the time to understand the other perspective, and design a solution that solves a need for both sides.  With this in mind Diana De Jesus of Keep the Customer recaps a Sales leader's perspective on the relationship between CS and Sales.

The power of a well timed question can’t be understated while interviewing for a Customer Success position.   The Customer Success Field Guide outlines 22 questions to ask in your upcoming Customer Success interview.

For any customer facing professional, the focus is the success of their customer. So it makes sense to focus your efforts only on those people who can work with you to identify, build and deliver value over the long term.  Ian Robson of Success Methods explains the different stakeholders within a customer that you'll need to collaborate with.

There is no "right" way to structure your CS team.  Structure is very dependent on the needs of your customer and your business.  However, you do need to start somewhere, and Phil O'Doherty of Keep | Grow has some guidelines and examples for us to follow if we don't yet have the right fit.

In Other News:  What's it like inside the NBA's "bubble" approach to combat Covid-19?