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Willow Moellering & Jay Nathan of Customer Imperative cover how Customer Success leaders are approaching relationship mapping and navigating the customer organizational structure in SMB and Enterprise.

Simon Heap, Jonathan Frick and Greg Fiore of Bain & Company provide guidance on identifying the right CS strategy based on the outcomes you are hoping to achieve through your program.

In this seven-step Play, Emily Nesterick of ChurnZero provides some tactical examples of how onboarding may differ between a low- and high-touch Customer Success model.

ClientSuccess gives us some interesting food for thought with the advice that we should not try to get back to our "normal" status in CS.  Instead we should realize that there have been some fundamental shifts in SaaS that will affect what customers expect.

In Other News:  Sounding like an episode of Silicon Valley, Amazon met with startups about investing and then launched competing products.