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How many customers have you lost due to not having a relationship with the executive decision maker? To enable you to access a more senior executive you need to ensure you have the credibility arising from value creation.  Matt Rumins of Success Methods provides guidance on how to build those upward relationships.
Cori Pearce of ChurnZero gives us a look at the Bad Fit Churn Monster, and teaches us how to handle this customer risk and move forward.

It doesn't matter what features you build if your users are not using them. Customer Success plays a huge part in this process as one of the primary feedback mechanisms for customer desires.  Userpilot has put together an in-depth guide on ways they focus on driving feature activation.
There are several different types of QBRs. Each type of QBR has a specific purpose and timeline. How do you know which type of QBR should be conducted when?  If not, let Nilesh Surana of CustomerSuccessBox educate you.

In Other News:  Will you be able to tell the difference between a human written or machine written book?