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“What are your priorities?” asks a tentative CSM. All they get back in return from the client is a puzzled look over Zoom, and silence.  If this situation seems familiar to you, Chad Horenfeldt of Kustomer (via The Success League) has some great insight on how to better pull out your customer's desired outcomes.
Boris Jabes of Census has an opinion on what is the best leading indicator for customer success, and how they helped Atrium implement that metric to track their customer's success.

“Customer success is where 90% of the revenue is”. But how do you make sure your customer success program is effective?  Deborah Preston of 2Checkout has gathered great advice from CS experts on how to evaluate if you are focusing on the right areas.

Melissa Rosen of Groove shares the different automated emails they've used to improve their Customer Success / Marketing / Sales conversions by 250%. 

In Other News:  Amazon drivers are hanging phones from trees to try and get a leg up.