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Last week SaaStr adjusted with its first all digital event last week with over 50,000 global attendees. Since you might not have gotten the chance to carve out two full days from your schedule, Cori Pearce of ChurnZero has their condensed takeaways.
Customer success continues to evolve as a practice within companies that enjoy recurring revenue models. One of those ways is with a Join Success Plan.  Here, Jay Nathan of Customer Imperative shares a template for this new strategy.

One of the skills of a successful CSM is the ability to pull valuable information from their customers.  Diana De Jesus of Keep the Customer has useful examples (part 1 here) of the types of questions that help us really learn about our customers goals, potential impacts, and more.
Not all CS teams are able to use software designed for customer management.  Often they need to configure their CRM to help track renewals, segmentation, etc.  Philipp Wolf of Custify has a starting point for how to think through your CS use case in your CRM.
In Other News:  What will it take for Slack to become profitable?